Monday Success: Our World’s Story

Apr 20, 2015 by

OurWorldStoryBookEric Burnett, high school history and English teacher, has a goal. . . to help students understand the world that they live in.  I have been lucky enough to see Eric work and he is a brilliant teacher.  Eric is now working to inspire students to learn about “how we got to here.”  How is he doing this?  He wrote a book that is different than the traditional textbook and then added a Vault of resources to go along with it.  Our World’s Story is a new kind of textbook; it includes both the exciting stories of the past and the current struggles that the world is facing today.  On top of that, Eric has built a Vault of lesson plans, interactive resources, and assessments.  Eric has a second goal. . . he wants to share these fantastic resources with History teachers around the world in the least expensive way possible.  So, Eric started a KickStarter to help fund his goal.  You can help!  Take a look at the resources on the Our World’s Story website and check out Eric’s Story on KickStarter.  Our World’s Story may be a resource you can use to make history come alive for your class or for your school.

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