Monday Success: More Book Creator App with SPED Students

May 20, 2013 by

Last week’s Monday Success Story from Christine on her use of the Book Creator app had lots of hits and garnered lots of interest.  Susan wrote to tell how she is using Book Creator with special needs students.   Another great, simple, and efficient way to use the app.  
“One of the the Special Needs teachers and I are using the Book Creator with her class consisting of students with moderate to severe disabilities ranging from ID to Autism to CP.  The students are developing a “Spring Memory Book,” which consists of pictures taken of them during different spring activities such as planting seeds, etc.  The first lesson after taking the pictures was a language arts lesson using Google Drive accounts/documents.  They opened up a document and typed in sentences to go along with their pictures.  The sentences will then be added to the pictures and the voice will be added as the last activity.  I initially hooked up the iPad with the overhead projector and modelled it and the students have really gotten the hang of it.  The students are enjoying and learning while also creating nice story books about spring.  It is a great app to integrate, science, language arts, and technology for this lesson- the students really enjoy it.”
Thank you Susan for sharing!  Fantastic example- please continue to share examples from your class!
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