Monday Success: MAK Rap Part 2

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Mary Ann is a math teacher who stepped out of her comfort zone last year to create a video and posted it on Edmodo for her students.  Not only did she create a video but she rapped a math lesson on divisibility rules and then she put learning in the hands of her students and had them create their own math rap videos. This activity was a huge success!  Her first video (below) was featured as a Monday Success Story last year.

And now MAK is BACK!!

The MAK rap video from last year was such a success that Mary Ann decided to do it again and, thankfully, she has consistently shared her work with me.  Students and parents both indicated that they love the MAK rap:

Student Comments

“I loved that video, Mrs. K.  My mom did too.  It is a great review for the test.  On a scale of 1 to 5 stars, I would rate the video 5 stars!  I hope MAK does more raps.”

“It is very helpful for the test!  Tell MAK thank you for the great review.”

“Mrs. K., that vid was AWESOME.”

Parent Comments

“I absolutely loved your rap song.  You did a fabulous job.  Bill couldn’t wait to show me.  He loved it.”

“I believe you just earned yourself an award!  You should now teach all kids- 5th to 8th.  No one can beat that.”  (this parent is actually a math teacher at our local public school)

Mary Ann also shared that the students who won the video contest last year were so excited about the project that they asked to help pick the winner for this year.  The MAK Rap videos are now a tradition in Ms. K’s class and students can’t wait to learn the concepts so they can make their own math rap video.  Students are displaying extra effort and creativity so they can win gift certificates to the local ice cream shop, but more importantly, they can be judges the next year.

Keep it up MAK and thanks for sharing!!

Please keep sharing your Success Stories!


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