Monday Success: Listen to the students

Sep 22, 2014 by

The Monday Success Story this week comes from a conversation that I had recently with a colleague who attended the EdSurge Los Angeles Summit.  We discussed a panel of students who were brought in to talk about what they did and didn’t like about technology and its use in education.  The students had some very good points related to perception of both teachers and students on how much work is the right amount of work and the importance of balance.  One of the most important things that the students said about how they like to learn is that they like to have their content organized and all in one place.  This statement re-emphasized that learning management systems are not only helpful for teachers but for students too.  Students like the structure and simplicity of everything being in the same place so they don’t waste time looking for things.  Not too long ago, I posted about a few learning management systems, many of which have free teacher accounts and I have shared some Monday Success Stories as well.  Edmodo is a social learning platform that I use with my students and is a great way for teachers to start down the path to a blended environment using a learning management system.  Take a look at the video below which explains Getting Started with Edmodo.

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