Monday Success: iPads and Socrative

Oct 6, 2014 by

This week’s Monday Success story comes from Drew Crismon, who is a secondary math teacher.  Mr. Crismon uses iPads in his mathematics classroom every day for warm-up activities, new content discovery, formative assessment and additional support for struggling students.  The students begin by researching the main topic for the day on the iPads and then recording three things that they already knew or just learned with their research.  Following instruction, statistics students were asked to create a video or screencast of a concept showing their understanding using their iPads.  The students were able to choose a concept that they had learned from the last couple of classes.  Drew said, “It was awesome to see students excited about demonstrating knowledge and learning!” 

The last way that Mr. Crismon is making great use of mobile technology is by checking for understanding with Socrative.  Socrative is a formative assessment tool that can be accessed easily from any device and provides a visualization of student understanding in real time.  Drew mentioned, “Using the results, I provide additional remediation through small group instruction, individual conversations, and sometimes I create a short video that I push out to students who are struggling with a particular concept.”  Providing students with immediate feedback and support when they need it is a very powerful way to use mobile technology in the classroom!  Thanks for sharing, Drew!


Please keep sharing your Success Stories!

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