Repost: Monday Success Story: Using TextSpeak in Class

Jun 9, 2014 by

This Monday Success Story was originally published in February 2013 and is the most popular of the year.  Jenny provides a great example of how to meet students where they are to maximize engagement, creativity, and learning.  Thanks again for sharing, Jenny.

Recently, I was out at St. Mary’s College High School in Berkeley.  Jenny, one of the language arts teachers at St. Mary’s, provided the following example of how she uses text-speak with her AP English classes.  In her own words,

“Each week, I ask students to choose ten new words from a list of 900.  They then must use these words in an authentic way (in conversation, in writing for another class, in an imaginary scenario, etc.).   Two of my AP English Language and Composition students opted for “text speak/slang translation” for their weekly vocabulary assignment this week.  You will see in the examples below that one student composed a text conversation using her vocab words, while another translated slang expressions into formal writing using her chosen words.  They love this kind of work and I find it very engaging in class.”



These are great examples of how we can use Text Speak and Slang to create engaging lessons for students.  In addition, these lessons encourage students to think instead of just find examples of these words used on-line and submit them for homework.  Jenny is a fantastic educator who has some other great ideas as well.  Thank you for sharing, Jenny!

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