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The Monday Success Story this week comes from Susan Castleberry- a 6th grade Gifted Social Sciences teacher.  Susan wrote in about two social studies projects that her students complete each year.  In the first semester, students create a documentary about a topic that they choose and research as part of the 6th grade curriculum.  During the first quarter students research the topic, create a storyboard and write the script.  The second quarter is spent filming, editing, and producing the documentary. The second semester project has students create a website.  Students spend the third quarter researching a new topic and planning the theme for their website.  The fourth quarter is when the students create their website using HTML and CSS.  The students learn to write code using websites such as and students get an introduction to Dreamweaver for creating more complex code.  Students are given this Web Design Structure Grading Sheet to be sure they include certain web elements as well as keeping track of the sources for all of their content.

Download (PDF, 43KB)

The thing that is most impressive about these projects is all the skills “beyond the content” that students have to master.  Scripting, collaboration, critical analysis, summarizing… all of these are important for THINKING.  Technology is simply a means for learning the content and expressing your learning.  Just like it should be. While students need to know the content, they also have so many other things they are working on during these projects.

Thank you, Susan, for sharing these great projects!!

Please keep sharing your Success Stories!

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