Monday Success: I can Google That in….

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This week’s Monday Success comes from one of our Vegas participants, Micki.  This is a great way to start the school year because searching is the new literacy.  What to search, where to search, and how to search are becoming critical skills for our students to have in the classroom.  This is Micki’s way of helping students become more productive students and researchers.  Love this lesson and think it can be very valuable in your classroom.
Micki says, “This is a simple, yet fun way to teach Googling skills.  Students love it and they are learning valuable skills at the same time.”
Lesson:      I can Google That in _____ Number of Searches.
Summary:   I set up two computers and each has its own LCD projector.  I put students in two groups and they challenge each other on how many searches it would take to find the answer to my question.  I come up with questions but also pull some from the Google-a-Day Game.  Their teammates can help them.  The students have to explain what they are doing and why they are doing it that way.  Teams earn points for successfully finding the answer in the number of searches they chose.
Feedback:  After they begin to understand the game, I also challenge them by giving them a number of searches that is a challenge.  In addition, you can also have them “race” to see which team can find the answer the fastest (without having to explain as they go).  These are for my advanced searchers and I only do this when they have understood the process of searching and some of the key things to take into account.
Starter:  Here is a sample question to get your students started.  This is from A Google A Day.
Thank you for sharing, Micki.  Our students academic lives will be so much easier if they know how to search.  This lesson is a great way to get them started on searching skills.

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