Monday Success: Holocaust Lesson Plan

Dec 9, 2013 by

Today’s Monday Success is about the Holocaust.  This was a really interesting lesson plan from our workshops this summer.  The teachers came up with this as a way to use technology within a very common lesson.  I like these ideas because the lesson doesn’t use technology just to use it.  The conversations and discussions that need to take place in class still do- the teacher just uses tools to facilitate the knowledge around the Holocaust and the discussion.  In fact, the assessment doesn’t use technology at all.  Instead, the assessment is focused on students thinking- not just reciting.  This is just one example of a great way to teach the Holocaust.
Hook:  1)  Show the Google Cultural Institute of Holocaust pictures and have students review them on their devices.  Students would also need to use different a map tool (Google Maps, etc.) to find where the different Concentration Campus were located.

Content:  The students would then use Thinglink to create different maps of the different camps during the Holocaust.   They would also keep a journal for a week deciding  if they think they are a victim, perpetrator or liberator in their current life.  Using Create Debate the students will debate:  Were the German soldiers guilty if they were guards at the camps and eliminated Jews or were they just following orders?

Assessment:  Have designated partners review and respond to the journal entries of their partner.  They also have to analyze and discuss whether the entry is factual and honest.

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