Monday Success: Fail Better

Apr 7, 2014 by

On Friday, I shared one of my favorite photos (scroll down to the next post).  I often talk  about abolishing fear from our schools.  There were two specific comments that stuck out to me.  One from Gini (thank you!) and the second is from Laura Bradley, a middle school teacher who has shared a few of her lessons with me that I now use as examples.  Thank you to Gini and Laura for celebrating failure in their classrooms.  And to the rest of you who do it as well.

“Thank you, I will start by putting this sign up in my classroom!”~ Gini Dochety

“Three of my students have been working all year to learn how to code so that they can design and program their own app game.  I told them yesterday they would need to document this journey to share with others, and one said, “It will be full of our failures!”  He smiled as he said it, knowing that each failure led to a step towards success.” ~ Laura Bradley


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