Monday Success: Facebook in the Classroom

Feb 10, 2014 by

This week’s Monday success comes from David, a science teacher using Facebook in the classroom in a very effective way.  David posts homework on his Facebook page and encourages students’ parents to “Like” his page so that they get daily updates.

Facebook Homework

Parents can also send David direct questions about their child via Facebook.  This is a fantastic idea since Facebook is widely used by both parents and students and often on their phone so updates are convenient and timely.

Another very effective use of Facebook is to remind students of upcoming exams.  Students can comment on a post if they have any questions and either David or another student can respond.

Facebook Test Reminder

Facebook Project Video

David also uses Facebook to post tutorial and project overview videos so that students are prepared for an assignment or project when they get to class. This would also be a great way to post a video hook for content being introduced the following day or flipping the class.  These examples from David’s Facebook page are just a few of the many creative ways that Facebook can be used in the classroom to engage your students and inform your parents.
Thank you for sharing David!

Please keep sharing your Success Stories!

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