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This Monday Success comes from our Vegas Summer Seminar.  Attendees to one of my sessions were challenged to come up with a lesson based on a real objective from their class.  They also had to use at least three different tech resources in the lesson.  Below is one groups submission on learning the implications of the Declaration of Independence.  There is a lot packed into this lesson but even if you just take certain components of the lesson- there is still enough here to really keep students engaged.

Objective:   The students will be able to explain the implications of the Declaration of Independence for the signers as well as the colonists.

Hook:  The night before the lesson, the teacher will tweet out a short clip from National Treasure in which Nicolas Cage explains the Declaration of Independence in today’s language.  Students  must tweet back a historical reaction to the announcement of the signing of Declaration of Independence.  Students react as if they are a colonist and use the hashtag #doinow.

Content: Using historical maps from the app History: Maps of the World we will reinforce that not all colonies were British possessions. This also give students a visual of the location of the imminent conflict.  The students will also need to calculate the  travel time from Jamestown to their homes using both History Maps and a calculator.  Finally, we will use to show Jamestown then and Jamestown now, discuss geographical differences, the causes of those difference, and what impact would those changes have presented the signers if the geography of today was present during the time of the signing.

Activity:  Using Today’s Meet to discuss on the backchannel what they would say to their neighbor to get them on board to support the revolution or the Crown.  Students would also have to justify their position, based on their current knowledge of the Revolutionary War.   Finally, students will need to create a one-minute trailer or political ad for the Declaration of Independence.  For this activity, they can use  iMovie, Go!Animate, Glogster, or

Assessment:  Finally, in groups, students will use Google Earth to take the journey of the signing.  Students will have to indicate where it was signed, by whom, when and the consequences for their actions including an explanation of why the process took so long.  Individually, students will each pick one separate signer and create a Historical Fakebook post from one of the signer’s perspective; must describe the process and the consequences of their individual’s actions.

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