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 This week’s Monday Success comes from Beth, a language arts teacher, who uses Wikis to help her students understand allusions in literature.  She reached out (thank you, Beth!) with this success and talked about how much this has helped her students become more engaged and care about their work.  While Wikis are not new, this is a great example of how they can create a community of learning in the classroom and allow everyone to access their own funds of knowledge.

Please make sure to click on the images to see the real student examples from Beth’s class.


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Beth stated, “Wikis are excellent ways to make learning and writing and editing real and fun.”  Students created their own topic or character pages based on the book or play they were reading in class.  Students were also tasked with commenting and providing real time feedback on each other’s work.


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Beth noted that this created a “community of online readers” and students also appreciated the community feel.  One student said, “now I feel like you guys were really reading my page.”


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Wikis are a great way for students to collaborate and co-teach in any subject area.  One step further might be asking students to find additional resources that support their writing such as YouTube videos and scholarly articles that they can link to in their wiki post.


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