Monday Success: Buddy Bench

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Most of the time, Monday Success stories come from teachers who are doing amazing things in the classroom.   The Monday Success this week is about a student and his parents and was shared by a reader who knows the family and the school.   This story is about a young man who “is smart and outgoing, but he has a disorder that makes it hard for him to make and keep friends.”  Travis and his mom were inspired by a story about a second grader in Pennsylvania who had a Buddy Bench installed at his school after seeing one on a playground in Germany.  They went to the local Ace Hardware and were able to get a bench and hardware donated.  Travis and his mom and dad did the rest of the work to get the bench installed.   Travis’ has a goal of getting a bench installed on every campus in his district.

Travis' and the Buddy Bench

The Buddy Bench, “a simple idea to eliminate loneliness and foster friendship on the playground” is spreading rapidly and you can be a part of it too.   Check out the Buddy Bench web site for more information on getting a bench at your school or adding your bench to the movement.


Please keep sharing your Success Stories!

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