Monday Success: Christine and the Book Creator App

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This week’s Monday Success Story is from Christine, an 8th grade language arts teacher.  She shared her experience using the app Book Creator.  Really great, simple, and efficient way to use the app.  
Thank you for sharing Christine!
     “Until this year, my usual curriculum with World War I for my 8th grade includes visuals from the Library of Congress, text background information, some secondary and primary source readings, some video, and journal writing.   The visuals from LOC are propaganda posters for War Bonds and recruitment posters that were aimed at different segments of the population. A great one is the Red Cross recruitment poster for nurses that is compared to Michaelangleo’s Pieta, all done on the SmartBoard with student comment and analysis of “who would this appeal to?”  Included in the primary sources are two articles in a compilation I have, Doughboys in WWI and Pershing Arives in France.  If you add to this the great websites from the BBC and PBS on WWI, the students have had web quest type exercises.  I’ve been happy with it and we’ve had great discussions.
     When we added iPads this year (30 on a cart)  I knew I had to adapt and try to get even better.  I didn’t want to lose the writing of a first person diary, so I kept that piece of the unit.  My tech director and I looked around and selected the Book Creator app for its ease of use and the recommendation it had for all ages.  To incorporate the app and the first person journals, I decided to let the kids put it all together on their own using the Book Creator App.   The students used their journal writings, the notes from other works, the websites for BBC, PBS, and LOC, and were told to put together a memoir of their experiences in the war.  Instructions were to have a cover and a minimum of 5 pages with text and pictures.  They had two class periods in Social Studies and one in Computers to complete the assignment over a three day period.  The only condition was the pictures had to be authentic and rated G (as if a small child was looking at it).
     Students became soldiers, doctors, orderlies, nurses, and Air Force pilots by combing pictures from those sites, finding posters, and paraphrasing entries for their journals.  The students also helped each other master the app which was nice to see.  I knew the assignment was a success when they wanted to know what the maximum number of pages could be!  In short, Book Creator is  a wonderful, useful app.  One recommendation: keep the time frame tight as the students work a lot better in a short, intense spurts than all spread out.”
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  1. I have used this app for special needs students and it works great! The students are making a book about their science lesson on plants.

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