Monday Success: Backchannel Discussions in Class

Mar 30, 2015 by

Today’s Monday Success comes from Denise- a teacher I have been lucky to work with many times in the last 2-3 years at various seminars.  Denise had never used a backchannel discussion until our most recent seminar but that didn’t stop her from trying it in her Honors English classes.

Denise created two channels in Today’s Meet for her students.  One was for discussion about the novel they are reading in class and one was created for questions about their current research assignment.  Denise quickly discovered this was a useful way for her to learn some new teen slang along with giving her students a great place to share their ideas and feedback.  While Denise’s backchannels didn’t fill the exact purpose she had originally intended, she did get positive feedback about how much students enjoyed her class that day and she immediately noticed how engaged they were by the activity.

Denise now knows that prior to starting a backchannel discussion with her classes, it is a good idea to establish some guidelines and maybe even attach a grade to the backchannel participation.  She tried, she laughed, she learned, and she will now tweak.  Denise is a great example of how we should all approach technology- one step at a time.

Thanks, Denise for this perfect example of diving in and trying something new!  And remember, the brain loves laughter!

Please keep sharing your Success Stories!

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