Monday Musing: One Kind Word

Oct 24, 2016 by

The Monday Musing this week comes from my own experience and some thoughts that I would like to share.  This past week has been full of sadness, anger, disbelief, and fear seen in natural disasters, political antagonism, racial tension around the world. The world we live in is a complicated place and I think sometimes it is easy to feel small and insignificant.

Also, this past week, I received emails from two of my students who had some questions but also made a point to say that they appreciated the work that I put in to teaching them and always being available to support their learning.  These two quick notes made my week!  The work we do as educators is important and our students appreciate us even if they don’t always say it.  More importantly, WE can change the lives of our students by taking the time to offer them a kind word, a smile, or a few extra minutes of our time.   As importantly, how can you tell your principal how much you appreciate them?  We can make a difference, one kind word at a time!

Tell someone thank you this week- and see the difference you make!

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  1. Mary Ann Keiser

    Beautiful Monday message. I appreciate you and all you do for the field of education. You bring excitement, energy, and passion to the arena. Thank you.
    I am thinking of you every time I play the 6th grade playlist in my class as they work. Having music in the classroom is only one of the MANY things you have shared with me.

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