Monday Musing: But, I don’t know robotics. . .

Nov 9, 2015 by

I think Robotics is really cool. . .and I would love for students to have more opportunities to experience a robotics lab. . .But, I don’t know Robotics. . .

Lately, there has been a fair amount of coverage in the news relating to the deficiency of STEM workers in the United States.  Numerous reports indicate that the number of available STEM positions is growing and many are remaining unfilled.  One possibility for this shortage is that young students are not exposed to enough STEM career options and are choosing to follow other interests.  How do we remedy this? More STEM projects seems like a good place to start which seemingly leads to a need for more STEM teachers.  While this would be ideal, there are other options to support these beneficial STEM projects and experiences for students.

CS2NComputer Science Student Network or CS2N is a good option.  Using the Carnegie Mellon curriculum for the Robotics Academy, students can work through many varied programming activities to learn about programming and robotics.  The system does not require a robotics teacher for the students to use it.  However, if you would like to be a robotics teacher, there is a curriculum for you too!

Take a look at the CS2N activities, achievements, and competitions and maybe you can provide a STEM project for your students.

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