Monday Success Story: Divisibility Rules Video

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One of the most rewarding parts of working with teachers in different schools is when they share their successes.  So, every week on Monday I am going to try to share a classroom success story that started with teachers using technology.  PLEASE SHARE your stories of success in the classroom so other teachers are willing to take chances too!  Today’s success is from Mary Ann, a teacher in New Jersey who sent me the following e-mail:

“I wanted my students to start using video in the classroom more but I thought I should make a video first before asking my students to make them.   I am sending it to you here.  It is a rap on divisibility rules.  (I teach 5th and 6th grade math.)   By making one first, I really saw what the process is all about as far as preparing, and editing, and tech issues, etc.  It is my hope that I can now get my students to video math summaries or lessons, etc.


 After making the video,  I told them about a very famous rapper named MAK who only raps about math.  Then I showed my 6th graders the video.  They loved it!  In fact, many of them came to my classroom at the end of the day to get an autograph (funny!).  They just recently asked if MAK has other raps out.  I told them she is currently working on some. It just so happens that my principal was walking through and got to see the video as well. 

She was really impressed (Always good to impress the boss!).  

An old dog really can learn new tricks!”

I LOVE this example.  To see Mary Ann’s video on divisibility rules, click on the image.  What I love about this video is that she used a rap (making it relevant to her students), she made it funny (the Ha-ha uses the same brain chemicals as the Ah-ha), and she took a chance outside her comfort zone (which we should model for our students).

FANTASTIC job Mary Ann and thank you for sharing!!!

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