Monday Success: Ms. Keiser and Middle School Math

Sep 16, 2013 by

I have posted about Ms. Keiser’s successful attempts to implement technology into her middle school math class including the brilliant Divisibility Rules Rap she made last year.

When she asked her students to film rap videos about Divisibility, they got so excited that one student made a preview before the assignment.

Here is one student example of a finished product.

To some this may seem silly, but how many of our students are doing this kind of engaged with math?  Engaging students with technology doesn’t have to be hard if we use it as a tool to communicate learning- not just for teaching.  This is exactly what Ms. Keiser does successfully in her class.  I encourage you to check out all three videos.

I love it and I look forward to hearing more about Ms. Keiser’s adventures as the year goes on!



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