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Earlier this week I was at Saint Viator High School in Arlington Heights, IL working with some tremendous teachers there. There were multiple lesson plans shared. One of my favorites was put together by the Foreign Language Department.

Lesson title: Adjective Agreement in Spanish

Content area: Modern World Languages

Technology used: texting, videos, photos with mobile device

The hook:
1) Post a photo and they must text an adjective describing the photo in Spanish
2) Show an animated video where the character describes something using adjectives
3) Take photos with mobile device of uses of Spanish adjectives in the community

The content:
1) Identify adjectives and agreement

The activity:
1) Replace an adjective describing a photo with another adjective that describes it
2) Create a commercial describing objects for sale
3) Post a sentence with incorrect noun-adjective agreement. Students must correct the errors and text the correct sentence

1) Correct agreement of adjectives and photos
2) Correct videos for correct noun-adjective and subject-verb agreement
3) Correct text messages sent by students

Submitted by: John Fuja, Janet Tan, Rosemary Catellucci, Amy Zhang, Kurt Paprocki, Tomás Diaz-Lee
Saint Viator High School

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