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As mentioned I was at St. Viator High School earlier this week. One teacher in particular had multiple ideas about how to engage students in their class with technology. One of my favorite ideas is the following:

Lesson Title: Parts of the Brain

Content Area: Psychology or Health

Technology Used: Anatomy Apps, Texting or Tweeting

Short Explanation: The teacher provides groups of students with a scenario (e.g. go to a great party and having a lot of fun but you have to be home by 11 PM for curfew). Each student in the group is a different part of the brain (e.g. frontal cortex, hypothalamus, etc.) and they have to text or tweet their reaction to the situation.

The Hook: Students are tweeted or text a scenario the night before and asked to think about how they would handle the situation.

The Content: The teacher uses any variety of anatomy apps to show different parts of the brain and asks the students which part of the brain would they have followed given the scenario provided in the hook.

The Activity: Students are provided a new scenario in class and put in groups. Each student is asked to be a different part of the brain and has to consider how and why they would respond to the scenario.
After class discussion, one more scenario is given before students leave class. Students have to respond via a text or tweet to the class addressing how they would handle the given scenario and each of the parts of the brain.

The Assessment: The teacher evaluates each response as the students submit them.

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