LP: A Day in the Life of…

Nov 2, 2012 by

Lesson Title: A Day in the Life of…

Content Area: Social Studies/Media/Language Arts

Technology Used: iMovie, Movie Maker, Text Reminder Software

Short Explanation: The students will take a picture of what they are doing every 20 minutes during the day and combine those photos into a music video.  

The Hook: Students will receive a text reminder from a text software (e.g. Remind101KikutextReminderguruClassroom Parrot)

from their teacher every 20 minutes of one weekend day to take a photo of themselves at that exact moment.

The Content: The class will discuss the photos in class comparing times, activities, attitudes throughout the day, etc.

The Activity:  Students will combine the photos with voice-overs, music, etc. to create a short video detailing a day in their life.

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