LinoIt for Literary Analysis

Oct 27, 2016 by

LinoIt is a great tool that we featured on the blog previously and below is a great idea for how you can use it in your class.

Mr. Hamilton’s 9th grade language arts class reads a work from Shakespeare every year. Inevitably, students get confused on which characters are connected to which and what their role is in the story. Mr. Hamilton started using Linoit for his students to develop story boards as they read. Students are divided into groups and work collaboratively to create a note for each character with their name, a description, and how they fit into the story. Characters are color-coded to keep them organized but, as students read through the twisting plot, they are able to move their characters around the board to see how the connections change. Students are able to understand the complexity of Shakespeare by making thinking visible.  Mr. Hamilton has found that his students are able to “keep track of” the characters more easily as well as relate to them.  

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