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Lingro is a very interesting web resource that has been pointed out to me many times and I have just gotten around to really exploring.  Lingro allows users to explore a website and define words selected by the user.  In addition, users can choose a word AND pick a language and Lingro will translate the word into that language.  There are a 11 different languages to choose from on the site.

Lingro also keeps a history of your most recent searches.  Below you can see a screen shot of my search on Last Backpack.  The website shows me the words I looked up and would also show me any words I had translated as well.


 Make it Mobile: This is a great tool for students to know about for learning outside the classroom.  World language teachers especially can show students websites or articles in foreign languages and have the students summarize them at home using Lingro.  I know that there are many translation sites available but I think Lingro is a wonderful tool because it allows the user to pick the words that they need translated instead of just doing a blanket translation.

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