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Jun 12, 2014 by

The Lext Talk Foreign Language Exchange post was originally published in March of 2013 and has gotten a lot of views, particularly from foreign language teachers. But, I would urge all teachers to consider how this app could be used to foster collaboration amongst students in different countries as we educate them for a global society.


Lext Talk is a really interesting app that allows users to connect with others who are learning different languages.  For example, a student in your French class could connect with a user in France who is trying to learn English.  Since many of our student’s are most comfortable communicating via text, this is a natural medium for them to begin communicating.  Lext Talk also has translation services that will help users “find the right words, store those difficult words in their own dictionary to keep them handy, and practice at their own pace with as many exchange partners as they like…”

This is another free app that may provide great exchanges for our students.  As a teacher, one of your assignments could be to have them engage in a discussion with another user and provide you with a transcript of that conversation.  This may allow them to take chances via text they wouldn’t take in a spoken conversation.  Bonne Chance!



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