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Welcome Back!

I hope everyone had an amazing and restful summer and perhaps did a little learning as well.  I spent the summer traveling, visiting family, and learning.  As a teacher of the Last Backpack Generation, I have to take advantage of every opportunity that I have to learn new things so I spent the summer working on my Professional Learning Network.  If you don’t have a PLN, I highly recommend that you develop one.  Social Media is a great way to develop a PLN or you can connect with like minded educators in your school or district.  Whether you choose social media or the teachers’ lounge, be sure to share what you are doing in your classroom that is new and innovative. . .even if it doesn’t work the way you thought.

My PLN consists of some of the fabulous educators that I have been fortunate enough to meet over the years and some who I haven’t met but they share such great information and I connect primarily on Twitter.  Take a look at the list below for some of the educators that I follow.

I also hope that this blog can be a part of your PLN and that you will subscribe so that you get a daily email of the day’s post.  In addition, I would love for you to share what you are doing in YOUR classroom!  Every Monday, I like to feature the success stories of educators just like you so PLEASE SHARE your ideas and innovations.

My favorite Twitter Educators:


These are some educators who provide amazing insights and ideas for education in the 21st century and are a great place to start your Twitter PLN.

Let’s share and make it a great year!


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