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Jun 2, 2015 by

LearnSpanishLearn Spanish Quick is an app to help you do just that.  This app has Spanish language flash cards that include the words in English and Spanish as well as audio pronunciations.  The Learn Spanish Quick app also includes the part of speech for each word as well as the gender when appropriate.  If you have ever taken Spanish or have any experience with the language, you know that the gender used is important.   This is a great app for those looking to learn Spanish over the summer.  Already know Spanish?  Look for other language learning apps from the same developer.

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  1. Roberto Pozzi

    The research is very clear, a picture with the identification in the target language is the way to learn it.
    When there is a translation into the native language (English in this case) emphasis in given to English and the consequence is: “no retention”.

    • Roberto, thank you for your comment and for following the blog. I understand your point completely- would this app be appropriate for beginning learners? I have heard some reviews that were favorable but would certainly value your opinion. And if you have other resources to share, please do so!

      Many thanks,


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