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Below is a fantastic question from a teacher and, since many schools and districts are preparing for Science Fairs and History Days, I decided to share it.

Kendra wrote:

“I was wondering if you have come across a tool that can be used on a tablet/iPad to judge a science fair? We have science fair judging coming up the end of this month, and it would be nice to have a way my judges can access the judging sheet on their device, and then the data can be send or uploaded direct to me. Just wondering if you have come across something like this.”

My response to Kendra:

There are three possibilities that come to mind: use a judging app, use a rubric app, create a Google form with the specific judging criteria.

There are a number of judging apps that are designed for iPads but many of them are designed for  sports, livestock, and showmanship.  I haven’t used any of the judging apps so I don’t know for sure how easy it is to manipulate the specific criteria.  I found Competition Suite Judge and it connects to the partner web site https://competitionsuite.com. The web site allows the administrator to create seasons, scoring systems, and add judges.

The second option (depending on judging format) is to use a rubric app like Rubrix.  This app can be used for evaluations and observations and since the criteria are set by the user, I think it could be used for judging an educational event as well. One nice feature of this app is that it allows the evaluator/judge to take and upload images.  The Rubrix app also has a corresponding web site, http://rubrix.com.   Evaluation Rubrics is another app that might be functional as well.  It allows the user to choose between two and six criteria and to establish their own scoring system.

The third option would be to create a Google form that the judges indicate their score.  I would guess that the easiest way to do this would be to create a “Choose from a list” question with the range of scores. The spreadsheet can be manipulated using formulas to determine the winner.  The form can be duplicated as needed for multiple categories with slightly different criteria and then changing the necessary questions/scale/points.

These options are a great way to simplify the process for the judges and the event coordinators as well as saving a few trees.

 Please continue sending in great questions!

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  1. So I am said Kendra, and we have just completed our science fair judging. Since we could not provide devices for all our judges we decided to make a google form that closely matched the paper criteria we had used in the past. They submitted the form and then moved on to their next project. It worked really well, the judges loved it, and I did not have to do hours of data entry. Google docs put it in an excel sheet and I could work on making it calculated what i need from there. So with 18 judges, 72 projects, and 240 judge’s responses submitted it was definitely the way to go. THANKS LBG Crew. You rock.

    • Thank you, Kendra. So glad we could help… Please share other great things you are doing in the classroom!

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