Johnny Lee Wii Hack

Jan 7, 2013 by

Welcome back from the Holiday Break!  I hope you are rested and refreshed as we head into 2013!

Johnny Lee is a researcher interested in finding solutions to make tech more accessible for all people.  The TED video below is from 2008 and demonstrates one way he has used a $40 Wii remote as a digital whiteboard, touchscreen, and head-mounted 3-D viewer.  The video is only 5 minutes long and shows the promise of simple technology if we are creative and allow our students to be producers of knowledge and not just consumers of it.

Make it Mobile:  Could you do a project where your students had to come up with new uses of technology they already use such as their phones, tablets, or video game consoles?  Perhaps your students could invent something new with already existing technology.  While I know we are unable to do these types of assignments all the time, they are good for “thinking” instead of just “finding” information.   Good luck!





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