Izik Search Engine App

Apr 24, 2013 by

UntitledIzik is a search engine app that was recommended to me by a teacher at St. Mary’s High School in Berkeley, CA.  Izik makes the search “fun and functional; search results are presented on a glossy page featuring rich images, categories, and gesture controls.”  Some of the features include:
★ Search results are organized into categories.
★ Swipe horizontally to view more results.
★ Swipe vertically to see more categories.
★ Quick answer boxes help you find what you need right away.
★ Pinch-to-zoom to expand and share results on Facebook and Twitter.

While I haven’t used Izik extensively, the reviews are very good.  I think, considering how it focuses on images and automatically helps organize results into categories, that it could be a very useful tool for our students.  Good luck!

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