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Instagram icon We should all be using photos.  Often.  Why?  Students are taking pictures every day!   They take pictures of their friends, activities, selfies, etc.  so let’s use the power of photographs to help them learn too.  Students can take a picture of homework posted on the board, pictures of notes rather than writing them down, pictures of research, the list goes on and on.  Photos have so many uses in the classroom and there are some great ideas out there.  Larry Ferlazzo has many great ideas on using photos with English Learners on this blog on Edutopia.

Instagram takes the benefits of photos and the benefits of social networking and combines them.  Students can take pictures, edit them, and then give them a hashtag to make them searchable.   We Are Teachers has a great article on 10 Ways to Use Instagram in the Classroom.

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  1. Great idea, just thinking how much time I will spend looking at all my education media and my personal… I will become the one always looking at the phone, ipad, or computer.

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