Infuse Learning

Feb 21, 2013 by

Any of you who have attended a seminar or PD I have delivered know I am a big fan of audience response systems.  There are no shortage of them out there (,,, etc.).  Richard Byrne has covered many of these on his excellent blog (  There are so many effective and important ways that audience response systems can be used including background knowledge, check for understanding, exit polls, etc.  The key is that many of our students dislike asking questions or raising their hand and conversation often gets dominated by 4-6 individuals.  Audience response systems can help the quietest student have a voice.


Infuse Learning is another example of a student response system that teachers will probably grow to love.  There are more features than I can explain here but I highly encourage you to watch the video below.  One of my favorite features is that students can submit drawings directly from their tablet device.  Infuse Learning is exactly the kind of tool that can transform a classroom into a place of dynamic learning.


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