3 More Ideas about Mobile Learning for Teachers

Sep 7, 2012 by

1- Teachers must get comfortable being uncomfortable. The best coaches are not always the best players, the best managers do not always have all the skills their employees do. As teachers, our job is to facilitate learning and allow our students to find ways to express their learning. We may not always understand how they produced what they did but we should be evaluating the content- not the production. It is okay to feel “behind the curve”… in fact, you will probably never escape that feeling. Just own it and try something anyway!

2- Experiment. If you experiment and it does not work, you can simply chalk it up to research. Experiment until it works. This mindshift can set you free from the feeling of failure. You aren’t failing. You are just experimenting.

3- Transparency is important and freeing. It is okay to say, “I am experimenting here. Let’s see how this works out.” Work with your students and allow them to help you. The readiness of knowledge and technology is breaking down traditional hierarchies. You know the content. It is okay for them to help you figure out the technology. Great teachers let students do the majority of the work anyway (See the prior post). Don’t be afraid to say, “I don’t know how this is going to work- feel free to help.” Teaching students resiliency when something does not go as planned may be the best lesson we can teach them anyway.

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