Grocery IQ

Jan 29, 2015 by

Grocery IQGrocery IQ may not seem like your typical educational app but it can be a great tool in the classroom.  Grocery IQ allows you to create shopping lists using a database of millions of items.  The app includes coupons and loyalty cards to save money at local stores.  The Grocery IQ app allows users to create their lists by voice, scanner, or by entering the item manually.  Grocery IQ could be used in class for students to learn about budgeting, nutrition, price per unit, and even organization.  The use of Grocery IQ creates an authentic learning opportunity using a task that all students will likely take part in at some point in their lives.

Make it Mobile:  Students can go to a local grocery store with a set budget to plan a dinner party.  Using the app, students can create a grocery list of everything that they will need to complete the dinner.  The students will have to think through their needs for the party as well as calculate what they can afford for the number of guests at their party.

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