Google Slides for Presentations

Nov 22, 2016 by

apps-google-drive-slides-iconGoogle Slides is a cloud-based presentation tool that is part of the Google Apps Suite.  Like the other Google tools, Slides offers multiple levels of collaboration from view to edit.  Users can create slideshows using built-in themes and colors or create their own slides with images and backgrounds.  Google Slides makes it easy for users to add images, shapes, symbols, tables and more to tell their story.  Google slides also allows users to embed YouTube videos right in the slide for easy access during presentations.  The down side is that you cannot embed a video file in case you do not want to rely on the internet or YouTube, unfortunately.  Thankfully, the interface and menu structure are intuitive and simplify presentation development for any kind of audience.  Slideshows no longer have to be linear with the hyperlink to slides feature.  Google slides has the ability to embed a Poll Everywhere poll right in the slide for a quick formative assessment during instruction.

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