Re-Post: Future Me

Mar 5, 2013 by

This is a re-post from last Friday because I feel this is one of those tools that is SO VALUABLE and could have so many uses in the classroom.  I know that many of our students aren’t using e-mail anymore but most still have accounts and Future Me could be used in so many effective ways (Predict the Future in Social Studies, Imagine Your Life in 1 Year, IEP Goals, Personal Goal Development, etc.) that I had to post it again.  Definitely a tool worth checking out….


I really appreciate the idea of writing a letter to your future self.  Brad Paisley wrote a song about writing a letter to his past which was very powerful.  What if you could write a letter to your future self?  Future Me allows you to write an e-mail to yourself to be delivered to yourself in the future.  This can be a really powerful tool for our students to share their dreams, fears, frustrations, etc. and look to their bright future.  Simple but very powerful.



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