Friday Photo: Passion=Calling

Mar 7, 2014 by

Two thoughts on the saying below:

1) Sometimes we spend too much time shoving all students in the same box by giving them one way to do a report, one way to create a diagram, one way to… (fill in the blank).  When we do this, children don’t get the option to explore their passion(s) and find their calling.  As we apply more academic democracy in our classrooms, a student might do a video blog and find out that they are passionate about film or draw technical directions instead of writing them and find out that they love art and are good at it.  We should encourage our students to dig deep for their inner genius and find their passion by trying lots of different things.

2) Do we remember daily why we love teaching?  Are we reminded of our passions?  Teachers should be passionate about what they do.  This passion should be their calling and that energy should show to their students every day- when they try something new, when they get a little crazy, when they go outside the box.  We need teachers who don’t only like to teach, they HAVE to teach.  There is nothing else they could do that would fulfill them.  We must remind ourselves of our passion daily!
The things you are passion about are not random. They are your calling.

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