Friday Photo: Fail Better

Apr 4, 2014 by

This should be in the halls of every school.  What if we took fear out of our schools?   Out of teachers and out of students?  What if failing was encouraged?  What if we created an environment where teachers and students were encouraged to stretch themselves?  I have been lucky to work with schools that cultivate this culture.  And the culture is tangible.  It is exciting.  And it is contagious.  And it always, always starts with school leaders and teachers.

Fail better

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  1. Three of my students have been working all year to learn how to code so that they can design and program their own app game. I told them yesterday they would need to document this journey to share with others, and one said, “It will be full of our failures!” He smiled as he said it, knowing that each failure led to a step towards success.

    • Thank you so much for your comment. This is a great example of learning and finding success through failure! I would love to see and share what your students are working on if you and they are willing to share. It would be a great Monday Success Story!

  2. Gini Dochety

    Thank you, I will start by putting it up in my classroom!

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