Friday Photo: 2014 Tech Teacher?

Jan 24, 2014 by

Using technology, apps, and tools in the classroom is more than just us having them… it is allowing (and trusting) the students to use them as well.  Don’t let the 5% crazy take-away learning opportunities for the other 95%.

2014 Edtech teacher

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  1. Using the 21st century application model of learning may develop the students skills and knowledge for a better future. And, as teachers, we must guide our students to use it carefully because it can enhance their learning!

  2. As of now, teachers can use different learning resources to reach their students. This can also help every student to figure out what the teacher wants them to learn. Although we’re in a transition stage, the traditional method is still one way of learning that every teacher should consider. Most teachers I work with still use traditional methods- maybe because of lack of budget for technology. The traditional method of teaching is good but if we continue to study it, using modern technology might provide the best learning for everyone.

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