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As you are sure to be aware, obesity is at an all-time high and an epidemic in America (see the CDC statistics here).  Fooducate is a very cool website I was introduced to that can help students (and all of us) make better food choices.  Fooducate has both an Android and an iPhone app that teachers and students can download.  After you find a food at the grocery store, you simply scan the product barcode you are searching and allow Fooducate to give you information including product highlights (both good & bad), comparison products,  choice alternatives, and more food and nutrition information.

Make it Mobile: Beyond the obvious implications for health classes, science teachers could use Fooducate to begin discussions about ingredients and nutritional values, math teachers could use the app to look at conversions, calories, etc., business teachers could use the app to study consumer choices and marketers influence.  Finally, all of us could use the app for our own healthy living.  We have to be the kind of people we want our students to be- health and all!


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