EdPuzzle Classroom Idea

Nov 3, 2016 by

One of the teaching tools that we have featured on Last Backpack is EdPuzzle which is fantastic for creating lessons with formative assessment built in. Below is one example of how EdPuzzle can be used for teaching and learning.

Mr. Smith uses EdPuzzle to flip his math classroom.  His students often watch videos the night before the next lesson and Mr. Smith uses real world videos to point out math applications.  For example, in one episode of a popular television show, the main characters were discussing a bridge in New York City.  Mr. Smith used the discussion as a starting point and built-in comments about the length of the bridge, the weight it needed to support, and the materials used.  He also used that same video later as a formative assessment except he now added in questions that the students had to answer before moving on.

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