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Easyclass homepageEasyclass is a Learning Management System that is completely web-based and easy to use.  Instructors can create their account and class in minutes and start adding content for students.  Students enroll in their teacher’s Easyclass with the class code created by Easyclass and distributed by the teacher.

Easyclass makes it easy for teachers to upload and access their instruction content from any Internet-connected computer.

Easyclass LMS quiz view

Easyclass gradebook view

Easyclass also provides an easy way to create and assign content.  Teachers can create self-grading quizzes and results go straight into a grade book that can be published for students.

Teachers can also create a calendar making it easier than ever for students to keep up with due dates and class events.

Easyclass calendar view

Easyclass social profile view





Don’t forget the social aspect of learning. Easyclass includes simple tools for students to create profiles and groups to study or just stay in touch with built-in social networking.

Easyclass is a tool that is easy enough for an elementary school student but also has all the tools needed for higher education.  According to the Easyclass website, there will be a mobile app soon.

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