Download YouTube Videos to Your Computer

Oct 29, 2012 by

YouTube Converter is an easy way to take videos you have found on-line and use them in classroom despite school policies against YouTube and other video sharing sites.  For YouTube Converter, you simply download the software, enter the URL into the search box, select the format you want the video in, and hit download.  It is simple to download, easy to use, and free.

Make it Mobile: We have all found videos that we want to use in class but school policy prohibits visiting the particular site.  With YouTube Converter (and other sites like it), a teacher can download the videos from somewhere else, store them on their device and show in class.  This is what I do in all presentations in order to avoid both school policy and spotty internet coverage.  I encourage you to teach your students how to use YouTube Converter as well so they can search for videos that apply to the content you are teaching.


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