Monday Success: Civil War LP

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This week’s Monday Success Lesson Plan is from Linda Irwin and Catherine Keleshian, two teachers who joined us in Vegas this summer.   With the objective being to name five causes of the Civil War, Linda and Catherine decided to use images, twitter, video, and a couple of web tools to help their students form their own understanding on why the Civil War occurred.

History lesson:  Civil War

Subject:  8th Grade History

Objective:  Name the 5 causes of the Civil War

Hooks:   They will send out a tweet the night before asking their students to think about the reasons they fight with their best friends or family members.  Then, as students enter class, they will see images of Civil War being flashed on the screen.

Content:  They will use this PBS video to introduce new content



Activity:  Linda and Catherine will have students’  create a news broadcast by recording  interviews of community members giving their reasons for what they thought caused the Civil War.  They will also have students create a instaCollage digital story explaining their own reasons for causes of the Civil War.

Assessment:  Finally, for formative assessment, they will video students as they walk out the door giving 1-2 reasons for the Civil War.  They will then post this video on the class blog so students can view their own and their classmate’s reasons.


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