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Cinch iconCinch is a great video app for iPhone or iPod Touch.  This fully functional app lets you take multiple video clips, edit them, rearrange them, and add a soundtrack.  Completed videos can be uploaded to YouTube or Facebook or sent via email.  All of this without ever leaving the mobile device.  Cinch will even provide tips on shooting good video to aid in students’ creative process.  There are so many possibilities in all content areas for this video app.

Make it Mobile: Students can be placed in small groups, based on the number of students with an iOS device.  Each group of students is assigned or chooses a concept to research and then teach their peers. The students can then research the topic, design an engaging lesson and film the delivery of that lesson. Students can be encouraged to explore non-traditional delivery models.  After students complete the editing of their video they can upload it to a class web site, learning management system, class Facebook page, or YouTube channel without ever leaving the app.

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