3 Ideas about Mobile Learning

Sep 7, 2012 by

1- Learning can take place at any time in any place. We have to leverage that power by providing lessons that allow students to find knowledge, use knowledge, and think critically wherever they are.

2- Teachers do less. Students do more. Since learning can take place anywhere and at any time, knowledge is readily available. This allows educators to do less and students to do more to find it. If the teacher is the hardest working person in the classroom, students are not learning as much as they should.

3- What about the emotional backpack? Although students love digital devices and all they are capable of, students still CRAVE socialization. Digital Citizenship is more important than ever. Even if students don’t have a physical backpack, they still have an emotional backpack. Are we teaching students to be careful what they put into their own emotional backpack and others?

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