Bonus Post: Tweetchats

May 29, 2014 by

Tweetchats are conversations between multiple people on Twitter using a #hashtag to follow the stream of Tweets.  Tweetchats are often moderated by a subject area or field expert and have a set of questions that the participants answer as part of the conversation.  There are many different Tweetchats for nearly any educational content area you are looking for on different days and times and even in all different countries.  There are several lists of Tweetchats-here is a great schedule of some of the best ones for professional learning and collaboration.  Now that you know what a Tweetchat is and when you can find some that interest you, check out this great getting started site by @cybraryman1 to find information on participating in or moderating Tweetchats.  After you have participated in a couple of Tweetchats, you can moderate one for your students and see the great ideas that your students come up with in 14o characters or less.

There are several tools that can help you find and follow Tweetchats.  One of them is TweetChat and another is Tweetdeck.  Tweetchats are a great way to build your Personal Learning Network over summer break.  I highly recommend using these chats as a professional learning tool.


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