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Salman, a wonderful teacher to-be in Qatar, wrote in with a description of how he uses the Biscuit app.

Biscuit icon iOS

Biscuit is an iOS app for building vocabulary by creating lists as you discover new words.  Biscuit can be used with an English dictionary or with dictionaries in eleven different languages.  Salman mentioned that he set the app to prompt him throughout the day to practice his new words.  When he has learned the words, he marks them as memorized and stores them away.

Biscuit also has a built-in flashcard feature and the capability to copy a word instantly from content being read on your mobile device.  Word lists can also be copied to Evernote and Dropbox.

Biscuit is a great app for anyone learning new vocabulary or academic language.

Thank you, Salman for sharing this great app!


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