Backchannel with Today’s Meet

Mar 31, 2015 by

TodaysMeetA backchannel is a communication tool that is used in the background while a lecture or activity is taking place in a class, a professional development session, or any kind of meeting.  TodaysMeet is a website that can be used to set up a “room” for backchannel discussions to take place.  Today’s Meet doesn’t require users to log in to set up the room or to post in the room and it is very simple to start up on the fly.  TodaysMeet will generate a QR code so students can scan to enter the room.  Once in the room, participants just have to enter a name and then start typing a comment or question.  Students can ask questions via the backchannel and their peers can answer them without stopping the instruction taking place.  TodaysMeet can also be used as a way for students to create a collaborative study guide by posting key comments throughout instruction.  The room creator can export the transcript for the participants and, voila, a study guide.  Backchannels have a number of instructional uses and TodaysMeet is just one of the possibilities.

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